What do you mean no ‘Bones?’

Alright, let me preface that I am not really much into television.

The thought of allowing my brain to turn into a version of minestrone soup by watching mindless reality shows, honestly, sickens me.

Well, sickens might be too strong of a word, but you can get the idea.

Since regular television is wrought with Real Overprivledged Housewives of Some Random Area You’ve Never Been To , or a show where the roommates make way too much money to do way too little in life on a shoreline, I choose to go another direction.

Enter Netflix into the fray.

I got onto Netflix a few months ago when  friend recommended a television show that had previously ran.

So, I dropped my $8 a month and off I went.

Since then, I have had the benefit of watching shows and movies that I grew up with and even started to watch more of the modern television shows that require some thought to process.

Shows like ‘Bones,’ of which I just finished watching through the sixth season.

Unfortunately, season six is as far as what is on Nexflix currently, leaving me scrambling and wondering just what will I watch next.

Don’t get me wrong, I had this issue with the last two television series that I finished on the platform, but I really, really, really got into this one and I have spent part of my day today wondering just what I will do now.

I’m sure I will spend hours tonight sifting through the different show options on Netflix to find the next show I will immerse myself into for the next month.

However, I would be open to suggestions (gatoreditor@gmail.com or Twitter @UMass_MClark).

As for ‘Bones,’ I really got into it. Good plot lines, nice character development and, oh yeah, it does require me to think a little as I watch the box.

Junkie, perhaps. Addicted, not really, but I do really like the show.

Enough relenting and back to work … all of you!!


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