Multimedia newsroom: BBC London I BBC Academy

An interesting thought: multimedia journalism doesn’t mean everyone has to do everything.

Journalists today believe in order to achieve multimedia status, there has to be video, audio, photos and words with every story and that is simply not the case.

The BBC Journalism academy had this nice piece discussing what BBC London does to achieve multimedia journalism:

Multimedia newsroom: BBC London

Collaboration, communication and planning are key in ensuring BBC London’s multimedia newsroom delivers its best journalism to the widest possible audience. TV news editor Antony Dore and former reporter Warren Nettleford explain how multimedia working means their stories have greater depth and impact.

Multimedia working does not mean everyone has to do everything all of the time, Antony explains. It means staff need to be aware of the different type of content that will work well across each platform.

Multimedia planning meetings are an important part of the process. TV assistant editor Rhiane Kirkby says they allow the teams to share ideas and stories and plan ahead to make the best use of resources and content.

Warren Nettleford, a former BBC TV reporter, said that when he went out on a story he always thought about what bits of audio might work well for radio and what extra background material and quotes he could gather for the website.

The BBC London online team is always looking to add value to a story by using extra facts, figures, tables and maps. Senior broadcast journalist Chirag Trivedi says this helps make a story interactive and shareable across digital platforms.

And BBC London’s radio station, 94.9 FM, can source original stories and news sources as well as enable debate and phone-ins, which all help to build up a story’s coverage, says assistant editor Nicky Wilson.


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